Help for footballers who are depressed

Footballers who struggle with mental illness could soon attend a retreat in an attempt to battle such issues. Former Norwich City player Darren Eadie has proposed the centre - and the topic is to be discussed by the Professional Footballers' Association board.

Eadie explained many professional footballers suffer from depression and suggested the getaway should be able to hold around a dozen people at a time, the Telegraph reports.

He stated: "We hope to buy a retreat where players can go to get their minds right, somewhere in Norfolk, near the beaches, secluded."

Eadie explained his own fight with depression came after injury put pay to a promising career in the game, adding he knows at least six players he used to line up alongside at Norwich City who have asked for help.

And with such a high number stepping forward from just one club, Eadie observed the total amount of players struggling with mental health issues could be in the hundreds.

Chartered Psychologist Dr Roger Kingerlee, who is based in Norfolk, adds:

"It is well known that the process of adjustment to an ordinary existence after a life in high-profile sport can be challenging. It makes excellent sense, therefore, for specially targeted interventions such as this to be developed to help ease the path of ex-footballers into a new, different, but no less successful kind of life away from the game."