Play is vital for a child's development

Creative play is an essential aspect of a child's development and those who do not have time to indulge in such activities could find they suffer in the classroom as a result. This is the view of Dr Janine Spencer, a Chartered Psychologist at Brunel University, who has noted that youngsters make use of different aspects of the brain when having fun.

Dr Spencer explains: "You are learning about problem-solving and decision-making. These are all skills that you are going to need when you go in the classroom."

Creative play is when kids are allowed to do as they please, which could include painting, messing with bubbles or spending time in a sandpit.

Dr Spencer adds these kinds of pursuits also enable parents to form a fun bond with their children that they may not get the opportunity to do so otherwise.

She belileves these benefits will be felt for years to come, as young people who head to university with only academic activities tend to do poorer in higher education.