Play about combat stress wins five stars

Paper Tom, the Edinburgh Festival play about combat stress in present day soldiers and veterans of World War I that we previewed on this website, had received a five-star review from The Edinburgh Reporter. The website’s reviewer says: “Sometimes you just have to go away from the gaggle of central Fringe venues to find a real gem of a drama; Paper Tom is one of those.”

The review goes on to say:

“PTSD and mental health is so often a subject swept under the carpet as a taboo whereas the story needs to be told.

We, as the general public, see the men returning home “as heroes” and then they are forgotten about. The drama reinforces the message that when soldiers are away from home there are often forlorn feelings of being without a loved one, and although they still have their military mates around them, their lives can be snuffed out at a moment’s notice. The subtle differences between the cultural changes over 95 years are explored, showing that men are human and still suffer, regardless of the age or war.”

Paper Tom can be seen at The Hill Street Theatre, Edinburgh, at 12.30 p.m. daily until 29 August.