Persistence is needed when quitting smoking

People wishing to give up smoking need to be persistent if they are to kick the habit for good. This is the suggestion of Martin Dockrell, Director of Policy and Research at Action on Smoking and Health (Ash), who said more needs to be done in order to help individuals successfully stub it out.

The expert was speaking in response to new research from Experian Public Sector - in association with the British Lung Foundation - which revealed the Isle of Wight is to experience the largest uptake in smoking-related disorders in England between now and 2020.

Mr Dockrell explained two-thirds of cigarette users claim they want to give up, noting: "Every year 40 per cent try to quit, but it can be tough and most quitters will have to try more than once and keep on trying."

He went on to point out there are currently more former smokers in England than there are current tobacco users.

Dr Allan Norris, a Chartered Psychologist based in Birmingham, commented: "Quitting smoking needs persistence: both the resolve when quitting and the resilience to try again if you're not successful this time since most smokers need more than one attempt to quit permanently."