Party hosts drink more than their guests

Party hosts may be more likely to consume greater amounts of alcohol than the guests they entertain, new research has suggested. Published in the journal Addictive Behaviors, the findings showed that US student revellers living off campus often drink more when holding a get-together than the partygoers themselves.

The study also revealed those throwing the gatherings are often male and in their second year of study.

Cynthia Buettner, Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Science at Ohio State University noted that party hosts can set the context for those attending, as they decide how many people will be invited and the types of drink on offer.

Ms Buettner stated: "So if you could get people to think about hosting a party in a particular way, you could reduce the risks for the people who attend."

She added the results may not be surprising, as hosts are already at home, will not need to drive and are likely to have started drinking earlier than everyone else.

Professor Gail Kinman, Chartered Psychologist, commented: "Party hosts may be likely to drink more due to feelings of anxiety - and they have no worries about getting home!"