Online psychology students meet

A group of psychology students, from 22 countries around the world, have met each other and their lecturers for the first time. As part of their online Psychology BSc (Hons) degree, the 53 scholars made their way to the University of Derby for the Psychology in Practice residential week between May 23rd and 27th.

The pupils attended a series of lectures that focused on elements of psychology that are better to teach in person rather than via the internet - including experimental design, group data collection and statistics and practical exercises in laboratories.

Each of the sections are required in order for a student to gain the British Psychological Society degree and Dr Christopher Barnes, Acting Online Programme Leader in Psychology and Graduate Member of the Society, said the event was an important experience for the students.

"As well as gaining vital experimental skills they also had the opportunity to meet lecturers and form a community, which will allow them to give each other support and share ideas," Dr Barnes added.

The University of Derby's course is one of the online psychology degrees accredited to the Society.