Online exclusive: The Woman in Black

In an online exclusive for The Psychologist, Huw Green, an Assistant Psychologist with Lincoln Partnership Foundation Trust, takes a look at the latest Hammer Horror, The Woman in Black, a tale of superstition and paranoia.

James Watkins' film adaptation of Susan Hill's The Woman in Black, provides us with a fantastic opportunity to examine the psychology that lies behind our innate tendency to tell ourselves the stories that help us make sense of the world we inhabit.

The film both studies and exploits the innate human desire to tell stories about a world which would otherwise be chaotic and random.

Mr Green says: "The Woman in Black stresses and frightens us through three principle mechanisms; the use of heightened emotional reactivity; our ability to pick out faces, and the use of incomplete information to draw on our 'epistemological impulsivity'."

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Warning: Contains Spoilers