OBE for psychologist Peter Hulme

Peter Hulme, a clinical psychologist who recently retired as the head of the profession at Herefordshire Primary Care Trust, was awarded an OBE in the recent Birthday Honours list.

He says: “I'm glad that mental health has been acknowledged in this way and that the hard work of the many people employed or volunteering in that area, as well as the courage of all those struggling with the challenges of such distressing experiences, have also been recognised.

"Personally, because I worked so much of my life as a member of a team of people dedicated to the rehab and recovery specialism, it feels a bit as though I alone am getting the credit for the work we all did together. Hopefully, that's not how it will be seen.”

From 1988 until 2008, Peter Hulme was head of Hereford PCT’s psychology mental health rehabilitation and recovery service, and from 2001 until 2006, when he stood down in preparation for retirement, he was Head of the Herefordshire Psychology Services.

Today Peter Hulme is a vice-chair of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the UK. In that role his responsibilities have included helping improve a pastoral care system, helping establish an effective child safeguarding system and being part of the team setting up the beginnings of a Bahá’í NHS Chaplaincy service.