New study looks at men and video games

A new study is to look into the relationship that exists between men and video games. The investigation will be conducted by Archibald Leung, an MSc Forensic Psychology student at the University of Leicester and will delve into a number of theories that surround titles and the males who play them.

It is to look for answers to questions regarding any correlation between game content and the aggression it may or may not lead to in those involved, as well as determining if there are any other determining factors at play.

Mr Leung said computer games are becoming increasingly important to the lives of many, adding: "Their easy accessibility to people of all ages has increased the importance of the topic of video games, violence and aggression."

Last month, Chartered Psychologist Dr Pat Spungin claimed playing video games can help bring families closer together, as many parents feel that they are not a part of their child's interaction with technology.