New National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke

The new National Clinical Stroke Guideline was launched at the joint British Association of Stroke Physicians and Royal College Physicians event today, Thursday 27 September.

The guideline acts as a template for the commissioning, organisation and delivery of stroke care at a time of upheaval in the health service. It provides the most comprehensive coverage of stroke care to date and recommends commissioning stroke services across the whole pathway and integrating services.

It includes updated sections for rehabilitation, longer-term care after a stroke, and secondary prevention, as well as profession-specific concise guides for nurses, dietitians and therapy professions.

Dr Audrey Bowen, the Society’s representative, said:
‘The psychological impact of stroke is rightly emphasised in these guidelines. There is a clear message that promoting well-being is not just for psychologists and the newly recommended stepped approach encourages developing levels of skill within multidisciplinary team members.’    

For further information and to purchase a copy of the report please visit the Royal College of Physicians website.