New guidance on sexual minorities

The Society’s Professional Practice Board have today published their Guidelines for psychologists working therapeutically with sexual and gender minority clients.

It provides guidance for applied psychologists in their work with sexual and gender minority clients, and gives an understanding of clients who may have suffered social exclusion and stigmatisation. The document includes guideline statements covering:

  • The socio-political context and attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities
  • Key issues in sexual and gender minority work
  • Children and young people
  • Schools and families
  • Education and training
  • Professional development

Complex issues such as gender reassignment surgery, conversion therapy and homophobic bullying in schools in schools are also addressed.

Elizabeth Shaw, a Chartered Psychologist and Chair of the working party for the guidelines, said: “We hope that the therapeutic community will find this guidance useful in this challenging but rewarding area of work.”

The Professional Practice Board’s working party included representation from the Society’s Psychology of Sexualities Section, Faculty of HIV and Sexual Health, and Division of Counselling Psychology. In addition to psychologists specialising in psychotherapy, psychologists working in the Charing Cross Gender Reassignment Clinic, Educational Psychologists, and Forensic Psychologists.