New funding tackles healthcare problems

The government has revealed it is to offer £4 million of funding in an attempt to change behavioural practices regarding some of the biggest health problems in the UK. Two competitions promising up to £2 million each have been launched by the Department of Health to develop solutions for problems with diet and medication.

It is hoped the new initiatives will play a role in altering behaviour towards the effects of alcohol-related diseases and obesity, as well as to improve the number of individuals correctly taking their prescribed medication.

Lord Howe, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Quality, said entrants are being given an opportunity "to develop highly innovative solutions for some of the biggest health problems of our time and we look forward to seeing the results".

Suggested topics businesses wanting to enter the scheme may wish to consider include devices that can help people monitor their food and drink consumption or a care package designed to help them correctly take their medication.

Dr Carole Allan, President of the British Psychological Society, says:

"“We welcome this initiative to help tackle healthcare problems. Previous work on medication has involved psychologists influencing how instructions and information are given on medicines to help people better understand the medicine they have been prescribed.

"I would encourage any member of our Society who has relevant work in this field of tackling healthcare problems to get involved in this new funding scheme.”