New EBMH will be published this week

Evidence-Based Mental Health (EBMH) is a journal which includes key published papers and exclusive expert contributions.

Published four times a year, EBMH is edited by Professor Graham Towl, a Chartered Psychologist and the first psychologist to be appointed editor of this multidisciplinary journal.

This invaluable publication surveys a vast range of international medical journals and selects over 20 vital research articles for every issue.

The key details of these essential studies are presented in a succinct, informative abstract with an expert commentary on its clinical application.

EBMH also includes a recommended reading list of high quality articles that were not included. This ensures that you have a ready-made reading list.

You can find out more about the journal and how Society Members can subscribe to EBMH at a reduced rate on the EMBH webpage.

The November 2012 edition will be available on Friday 26 October and will include the following articles:

  • Policing and mental health - Graham Towl and David Crighton
  • Changes in occipital lobe gyrification may be an early marker for psychosis in youth with velo-cardio-facial syndrome - Dr Jean Starling
  • Reported loneliness rather than social isolation is a risk factor for ten-year mortality in older men - Dr Melissa Kathryn Andrew         
  • Modular psychotherapy improves problems in youth with anxiety, depression or conduct disorder more rapidly than standard psychotherapy or usual care - Dr Joan Rosenbaum Asarnow      
  • Cognitive behavioural treatments have long-term benefits in female rape survivors with PTSD - Dr Edna Foa    
  • SPARX computerised CBT is as effective as usual care for mild to moderate depression in help seeking adolescents - Professor Kathleen Margaret Griffiths
  • No difference in extrapyramidal side effects between first and second generation antipsychotics - Dr Ryan Carnahan       
  • Review: maintenance antipsychotics prevent relapse in patients with schizophrenia - Professor Ofer Agid          
  • Adding facilitated physical activity to standard GP care for depression does not improve symptoms - Dr JoEllen Wilbur 
  • Review: urgent need for RCT evidence on effectiveness of crisis interventions for borderline personality disorder - Dr Andrew Chanen    
  • Community-based outreach may reduce distress in women exposed to intimate partner abuse more than system-based referral at six to twelve months’ follow-up - Dr Caroline Clements
  • Atomoxetine reduces ADHD symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorder compared with placebo - Eugene Arnold
  • Use of benzodiazepines in adults with schizophrenia is associated with increased mortality - Dr Stefan Weinmann           
  • Fluoxetine and sertraline may be associated with lower risk of suicide death than paroxetine in adults with depression - Dr Ajit Shah       
  • Veterans who have served in the conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan are at increased risk of suicide compared to other veterans if they have a psychiatric diagnosis - Mark Kaplan  
  • Review: adverse effects of different second generation antipsychotics vary in children and adolescents - Dr Leila Ben Amor       
  • Following self-harm, there are shared and differing risk factors for subsequent suicide death or accidental death - Dr Ann John        
  • Hyperactivity/impulsivity in childhood, but not inattention, is associated with early-onset tobacco and alcohol use - Dr Frances Levin
  • Review: adults with disabilities experience more violence than non-disabled adults - Dr Jack Ji-Ding Lin 
  • Higher BMI, lower self-esteem and more abnormal eating habits are associated with greater body dissatisfaction in adolescents - Dr Jonathan M Mond  
  • Prevalence of psychotic symptoms in the general population varies across 52 countries - Dr Laura Helena Andrade           
  • Review: emotion identification deficits are associated with functional impairments in people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders - Dr Fabien Tremeau     
  • About 7% of four year olds in Norway meet criteria for a psychiatric diagnosis - Dr Joan L Luby