Listen to our interviews with award-winning psychologists

How systematically practicing recovering memories can help alleviate symptoms of depression is one of the topics featured in a new series of BPS audio interviews with prominent psychologists.

Each of the six interviews features a BPS award winner discussing their own areas of interest and related research. The interviews were conducted by science journalist Wendy Barnaby.

The interviewees were:

Professor Tim Dalgleish CPsychol discusses clinical depression and memory. Tim talks about his research into how people with depression tend to remember memories in a negative way and how they also have difficulty generating specific memories. 

Dr Jon Roiser explains how neuroscience adds to our understanding of how the brain, and treatments for depression, work.

Professor Peter Fonagy CPsychol looks back on his research regarding people with borderline personality disorder. 

Dr Rachel Arnold CPsychol discusses the stress experienced by sports people in the run up to a performance.

Phil Banyard CPsychol explaores the increasing popularity of A level Psychology and the skills it nurtures.

Professor Neil Frude BPS Fellow talks about his pioneering Book Prescription Scheme, under which GPs recommend books from a shortlist of self-help books ratified by psychologists to their patients.  

Access the all the interviews on this website.

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