Nature of prejudice explored at Society event

The nature of prejudice and how much of this is unconscious and innate has been explored at the British Psychological Society's Psychology for All event.

Dr Peter Jones delved into the issue during the gathering - which was held on Saturday March 26th at the University of Westminster - and looked at the role played by automatic processes of social categorisation and identity, as well as a child's development of prejudice.

The expert asked the question: "How much of the way we categorise others are we aware of?"

He used optical illusions to demonstrate the vulnerability of people to an automatic processing over which individuals cannot control and are barely aware of.

The potential for neurology to assist adults in managing their biases was also discussed, while research on bias reduction was introduced.

Around 450 people attended the Society's Psychology for All event, which also featured talks by Professor Geoff Beattie and Professor Richard Wiseman.