Music may help you keep on running

People may be able to run more efficiently and for longer by listening to the right music, it has been suggested. Professor Andy Lane from the University of Wolverhampton noted the mind can be fooled into feeling less tired when music is playing.

His tips have been published on the NHS website's Livewell section and show the right type of tune can be beneficial for runners and those performing other repetitive movement exercises.

Listening to music has the capacity to distract runners from the physical effort they are putting in, with perceptions of effort and fatigue reduced by up to 12 per cent.

Professor Lane, who teaches at the learning institute's School of Sport Performing Arts and Leisure, explained those heading out for a gentle jog should opt for songs with low beats per minute (bpm).

"If you're feeling more energetic, choose songs with a higher bpm, such as I See You Baby by Groove Armada. Whatever you choose, make sure it's music you enjoy listening to," he added.

At the Society's Annual Conference earlier this year Dr Alexandra Lamont presented research suggesting that listening to favourite performance can boost sporting performance.