More psychologists in Scottish NHS

There are six per cent more clinical and other applied psychologists employed in the NHS in Scotland than there were a year ago. That is the finding of the NHS Scotland Psychology Services workforce information published today.

The review shows that on 30 September this year there were 744 clinical and other applied psychologists  employed in the health service, though the increase is lower (1.7 per cent) when is expressed in whole-time equivalent (wte )posts

This total of 744 psychologists (629.8wte) is made up of 688 (580.1 wte) clinical psychologists and 56 (49.7wte) other applied psychologists. This represents a staffing level across Scotland of 1 wte Clinical Psychologist per 9,002 of the general population of Scotland.

The review also reveals that psychology services increasingly employ a skill-mix of staff. Graduates of the MSc in Psychological Therapies in Primary Care (50.0 wte), Graduates of the MSc in the Applied Psychology of Children and Young People (21.7 wte), assistant psychologists (52.8 wte), cognitive behavioural therapists (32.3 wte), counsellors (19.4 wte), other therapists (12.6 wte), and other clinical staff (14.1 wte) are ALL now employed in NHS Scotland psychology services.