Is modern childhood toxic? A free open lecture in Bristol

How children are affected by the modern world and what steps can be taken to improve their quality of life is the topic of an open lecture by Dr Richard House at the Thistle Grand Hotel, Bristol on Saturday 16 July from 12.00-1.00pm.

The lecture is open to the public and takes place as part of the Division of Counselling Psychology’s Annual Conference from 14-16 July.

Dr House explained: “The issue of children growing up too quickly is a real concern to parents and they can feel powerless to stop it. Back in 2006 an open letter from luminaries such as Penelope Leach, Philip Pullman and Baroness Greenfield titled ‘Modern life leads to more depression among children’ led to a media frenzy centred on how our children’s development was being damaged by today’s fast-moving hyper-competitive culture."

“Since then it has been a common theme revisited by the media, politicians and a range of organisations. The publication of the Bailey report by the Mothers’ Union (June 2011) with the backing of the Prime Minister has once again thrown this issue in to the spotlight.”

In his lecture Dr House will discuss whether what some see as ‘moral panics’ are a legitimate concern  and he will offer some provocative clear-blue sky thinking about the world that professionals, parents, politicians and citizens are creating for our children.

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