Men's good memory for bad experiences

Men have better memory of negative experiences than their female counterparts. This is the suggestion of a new study from  researchers at the University of Montreal at Louis-H Lafontaine Hospital, which found women are less likely to recall accurately an emotionally provocative experience.

According to the investigation, highly arousing photographs can serve to cloud a female's capacity to decide whether or not they have seen the image before - but the research also revealed ladies have a better memory of attractive happenings.

The study has been published by the International Journal of Psychophysiology and Dr Marc Lavoie, of the university's Department of Psychiatry and the hospital's Fernand-Seguin Research Center, explained arousal can have an enhancing effect on a man's memory.

He added: "The complexity of emotional memory and underscore the importance of taking valence, arousal and sex differences into account when examining brain activity."

Felix Economakis, Chartered Psychologist, commented: "If something is perceived as more attractive then there is a greater incentive to remember it. It stands out more from the background of memories.

"It has a little sprinkle of dopamine added on it that other memories are missing. If men perceive of something as less attractive, then there is less incentive to remember it. I expect men can remember football scores going way back because those constitute 'attractive happenings' to them but not to anyone who is not into football."