Men will eat healthily in order to keep peace

Married men are willing to change their eating habits in order to avoid an argument with their wife, new research has found. Derek Griffith, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, explained males will eat their greens to keep their other half happy, even when they dislike what is on the plate.

It was demonstrated that guys are often more concerned about maintaining a happy home than quarrelling about the meal they are served.

The investigation revealed, however, that some of those dissatisfied with their dinner will later binge eat on unhealthy foods without their partner's knowledge.

Mr Griffith stated: "A lot of men are eating healthier, but they compensate for the dissatisfaction of not eating what they want by making unhealthier choices outside the home."

He explained one way to reach a happy medium would be for husbands to talk to their wives about their meals and come up with dishes suited to both parties.

Dr Funke Baffour, Chartered Psychologist, commented: "Food restriction of any sort can have consequences. Restrictions that are imposed on another individual can result in eating binges once food is available - where the individual becomes preoccupied with food and eating.

"It could be hypothesised that the men in this study became increasingly obsessed with the foods that were inhibited in their diet at home.

"Thus when they had the freedom to eat what they wanted this resulted in episodes of bingeing. It is usually during these times of bingeing that people feel out of control with their eating and become obsessed with food. Therefore having a healthy, balanced eating regime without specific food restrictions it always recommended."