Men respond strongly to visual stimuli

Men's brains react more strongly to a visual stimulus than women's, relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam has claimed.

She pointed out that females respond to voice, touch and emotions, whereas males are more likely to ignore these factors as long as the woman in question is attractive.

Speaking to the Daily Express, she claimed this does not mean a man will not eventually go for a different type of woman in the future.

"You might be looking for the mother of your children or for a longer term companion and what seemed perfect when you were younger might not fit your mental picture," said Ms Quilliam.

Dr Simon Moore, Principal Lecturer of Psychology at London Metropolitan University and a Chartered Psychologist, added that men tend to go for a look that appears healthy - for example a symmetrical face.

The University of British Columbia recently conducted a study - published online in the American Psychological Association journal Emotion - which found that women prefer men who appear to be brooding rather than those who look happier.