Members serving on behalf of the Society issued with new Conduct Code

The Society’s Board of Trustees has approved a new Code of Conduct for Members undertaking activities on behalf of the Society. Such is generally regarded as an essential component of good governance

The primary purpose of the code is to offer guidance on expectations of behaviour, attendance and preparation for those taking part in Society activities.  Its underlying principles are based on the Code of Ethics and Conduct, which remains the Society’s overarching guidance on ethical decision making.

Under the new Code members are required to:

  • value the dignity and worth of all persons, including other members and Society staff
  • reflect on their own competence and performance
  • value their responsibilities to others and to the Society
  • value accuracy, clarity and fairness in their interactions with all persons
  • Value honesty and integrity

In addition there is a procedure for use on the rare occasions when problems arise. It is expected that, under the Code, most problems will be resolved informally - committee chairs have a crucial role in this respect.

Copies of the Code will be issued to members who are already undertaking activities over the coming months and will also be issued to all those who become newly involved.