Media advertising 'affects female body image'

Female body image can be negatively impacted by materialistic advertising messages, new research has found.

The study, from the British Journal of Social Psychology, looked at the way values such as the desire for an affluent lifestyle and financial success can impact a woman's perception of her own shape.

Lead author of the report Eleni-Marina Ashikali said females are affected in different ways through such marketing, with some more vulnerable than others.

She observed: "We found that women focus more strongly on their appearance when materialistic values are highlighted momentarily to them through priming."

During this process, a female's awareness of how her body may fall short of the idealised state is heightened - especially among women who are already materialistic, Ms Ashikali added.

Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist Dr Linda Papadopoulas recently claimed people who are worried about their body image could find their concerns eventually lead to depression.