A major conference on psychological therapies in the NHS - London, 29-30 November 2012

A major conference on psychological therapies in the NHS is to examine the progress made since the formation of the New Savoy Partnership five years ago. The partnership is a unique group of organisations, including the British Psychological Society, working together to bring psychological therapies to the NHS and improve access for all who need them.

Psychological Therapies in the NHS 2012  takes place at the Mermaid Hotel in London on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 November.

It will ask how far the partnership has come in fulfilling the New Savoy Declaration that launched it. To what extent has the original vision that investing in psychological therapies would reduce the burden of depression on our economy been realised? As the health and social care system evolves, what must be done to ensure everyone can access their local national psychological health services? A line-up of world-class speakers will discuss the challenges this poses.

The conference will debate issues at the cutting edge:

  • How will Disruptive Innovation and Payment for Outcomes turn what we thought we knew about what works upside down?
  • Are IAPT and NICE-defined quality standards still the 'gold standard' ... will they be coming to a place near you very soon?
  • Where next for IAPT’s PWPs? If our old Social Care system didn’t offer emotional care, how will new the one?

Psychological Therapies in the NHS 2012 will include keynotes, symposia, evidence and live consultation sessions involving the most influential clinical leaders and international experts in the field. Delegates we will able to share the latest in science and practice, and engage with policy in the making.