Leicester launches hate crime study

A specialist research team at the University of Leicester has launched a new study of hate crime. The investigation is believed to be the most comprehensive of its kind and will look at the experiences of victims who are targeted for reasons such as their vulnerability and identity.

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the initiative will involve a number of different groups - including people with mental health problems - and is to consider the differences perpetrators perceive their victims to have.

Dr Neil Chakraborti of the Department of Criminology at the learning institute, explained the study will look at a wide rage of victimisation, including racist, homophobic, disablist and religiously motivated attacks.

He explained this will see the researchers "working with a very broad range of groups such as the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, Gypsies and Travellers, those with mental health problems and those belonging to alternative subcultures".

Co-investigator Jon Garland noted the project will provide new perspectives on the issue and highlight the impact of this type of violence and harassment.

Chartered Psychologist Dr Joanna Adler welcomed the news: "“it is good to see the ESRC funding such an underresearched and hard-to-access area of victimisation that has real, significant impacts on people's lives. The team at Leicester is highly regarded and I look forward to seeing the work unfold.”