Introducing The Psychologist app

We are pleased to announce that a new app for our monthly magazine The Psychologist is now available. It is free to download and provides readers with an improved way of accessing our content on devices (Apple and Android, smartphone and tablet).

Our monthly magazine edition will be joined by the occasional 'special'. Users will be able to download editions for offline reading, search, share, and add content to a personal scrapbook. 

It is available from the following stores:

BPS Members get complete access to the app using their web log in details. Enter them by tapping on the banner when you first open the app, and then you should remain signed in and enjoy all the content as a benefit of your membership. There are links under your account settings for if you have not yet set up a web log in, or have forgotten your details. Any other problems, email [email protected].

Non-members can access all the 2015 content and three new specials, but this year's editions will be locked. They are advised to check out our various grades of membership, but app users will also be able to purchase individual editions and annual subscriptions through the various stores. 

Please let us know what you think of the app: tweet @psychmag or e-mail comments to the editor.

Visit The Psychologist website.