The influence of coaches on the well-being of athletes explored

A selection of the latest research into the coach/athlete relationship and how it meets the psychological needs of athletes will be presented as part of a symposium, which takes place today (18 April) at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference held in London. Regarded as one of the most important and influential factors on athletes, the rapport between coach and athlete can affect their performance, personal development, psychological well-being and continued participation in sport.

Dr Ross Lorimer, of University of Abertay Dundee, who is chairing the symposium, said: “We hope to provide refreshing insight into the psychology of sports coaching.”

Papers being presented include:

  • The implications of attachment styles for perceptions of relationship quality and subjective well-being, Louise Davis, Northumbria University
  • Eating psychopathology amongst athletes: the importance of relationships with parents, coaches and teammates, Vaithehy Shanmugam, University of Central Lancashire
  • Attachment and well-being: the mediating effects of psychological needs satisfaction, Luke Felton, Loughborough University
  • The quality of the relationship between coaches and gymnasts in Kuwait, Hasan Ahmad, Loughborough University