The Inbetweeners seems to be accurate

Young people openly discuss casual sexual experiences more than they physically indulge in such activity, new research has shown. Investigators from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) found college students in the US talk about antics in the bedroom often - and these types of conversation can help give the impression that risky sex is ok.

According to the study, youngsters also think their peers are having intercourse on a more regular basis than they really are.

The findings relate to instances when people 'hook up' with one another - an expression used regarding casual intimate behaviour outside of relationships or dating.

Amanda Holman, a graduate student in the Department of Communication Studies at UNL said: "Students with strong ties to peers and frequent peer conversation about sex were more strongly related to participation in hook ups and more favourable attitudes towards hooking up."

Dr Olga van den Akker, a Chartered Psychologist from Middlesex University, commented: "Previous research in the UK by myself also reported young teens tended to over-report the amount of sex they experienced - and this was particularly true for boys. 

"Interestingly, the teenagers in this UK study were also asked if they believed the things their friends said about sex and most did not, showing they were well aware of their peer group reporting biases."