If the job fits we love it

People are more likely to cherish their job if the role suits their signature strengths. This is according to studies from Claudia Harzer and Professor Willibald Ruch from the Section on Personality and Assessment at the University of Zurich, which noted individuals tend to have two or three of these attributes and the application of them at work is associated with more positive employment experiences.

According to the two investigations, a person whose position suits their character strengths - such as self-control, teamwork and kindness - are more likely to enjoy their time at work and have a greater sense of purpose, satisfaction and calling.

Ms Harzer pointed out the findings could be useful with regard to company recruitment, workplace design and human resources development.

She stated: "If it is clarified which character strengths are central for the job before a position is filled, a person can be recruited based on these strengths."

Chartered Psychologst Dr David Pendleton of Edgecumbe Group commented: "In small organisations, the problem is especially acute.

"A technical expert may be appointed to lead, such as a GP who has to lead a medical practice, or a scientist to lead a small consultancy, when the attributes and skills that enable them technically may be irrelevant or even counterproductive to leadership."