How the Society helped the makers of Johnny English Reborn

One of the more unusual requests for help that the Society received last year came from the makers of Johnny English Reborn. They told us that one of the characters in the film was a psychologist and that they needed our help in making her office look authentic.

Always pleased to help, we sent a large parcel of psychology journals off to the studio.

Given the way the film business works, it is quite possible that the scenes in the psychologist’s office ended up on the cutting room floor. But the reviews all say that Kate Sumner plays an “MI7 staff behavioural psychologist”.

So if you do go to see Johnny English Reborn please look out for our journals and let us know if they appear.

Whether they do or not, it is good that the makers knew who to approach for advice when it comes to anything related to psychology.

The two highlights for me were:

a) the Pot Noodle ad in the preceding trailer (you've got to watch it):'s%20Pick.%20Pot%20Noodle's%20WAG-inspired%20"Why%20Try%20Harder?"

b) the lovely Rosamund Pike as the, yes, BEHAVIOURAL PSYCHOLOGIST, in MI7. Cliches aside, it is great to see a new psychological icon 'Nudge' their way into the public consicousness.

Thanks for letting us know and we hope you enjoyed the film.

Saw Johnny English last night (10 year old's birthday treat). Big role for the Psychologist, advising Mi7, hob-nobbing with the PM and Foreign Secretary, not to mention her 'emotional leakage' regarding Johnny E. Sadly no sign of BPS journals in her, rather swanky, office.