How science fiction can help in class

Teachers could raise interest in their lessons by making more use of science fiction in the classroom. This is the suggestion of new research from the University of Valencia, which found the subject is popular among students and could be used as a way to motivate them in other aspects of science.

Jordi Solbes Matarredona, a Researcher at the University of Valencia, told the Scientific Information and News Service: "A current concern is that students are no longer studying science and engineering and this trend is more common amongst females."

He explained science vocation among younger students could be promoted through using more material based on the genre.

The study showed that many youngsters value sci-fi positively, while others think favourably with regard to scientists.

It was suggested that teachers could use learning activities based on science fiction movies and television in order to improve the image of science in the eyes of their pupils.

Dr Kate Sparks, a Manchester-based Chartered Psychologist, comments: "This is an interesting study. Yes, science fiction usage in lessons could be a good way of stimulating more students in science classes. The use of such a genre may also help enhance imagination and creativity, allowing students to start thinking 'outside the box' and inspiring them to work from the science they are studying and generate new ideas."