Health psychologists' 25th birthday event

The Society’s Division of Health Psychology will be celebrating its silver jubilee at its Annual Conference next week. The conference takes place at the University of Southampton, 14-16 September 2011 and around 230 health psychologists will be taking part.

Professor Marie Johnston from the University of Aberdeen will give the Silver Jubilee Keynote Address on “The good, the bad and the...  opportunities:  25 years of UK health psychology research”.

The other keynote speakers are:

  • Professor Roger Ingham, University of Southampton:
    “Sexual health research; challenges and conundrums along pathways to policies”
  • Professor Rory O'Connor, University of Stirling
    “Suicide and self-harm as ‘health behaviours’: Towards an Integrated motivational-volitional model of suicidal behaviour”
  • Professor Michael H. Antoni, University of Miami
    “Stress management to illuminate stress-related biobehavioral processes in serious illnesses”

Other topics to be discussed at the conference include morning and evening people, healthy eating, pain and health psychology in the NHS. The conference’s social programme includes a wine reception at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

The full programme can be found on the conference website. The Twitter hashtag to follow for the conference is #dhpconf.