Health implications of too much sitting

People who sit down for long periods could suffer health problems as a consequence, new research has found. Published in the journal Diabetologia, the study suggests individuals who watch too much television, spend hours in front of a computer or drive for long periods may be at greater risk of diabetes, heart disease and even death.

Investigators from Leicester and Loughborough Universities, who looked at 18 existing studies involving almost 800,000 people, noted modern society is heavily linked to sedentary behaviour, with many individuals working on a computer and watching lots of TV.

Professor Stuart Biddle, a Chartered Psychologist and part of the research team at Loughborough University, noted there are many ways people can change their behaviours and attempt to reduce their sitting time, such as placing laptops on the filing cabinet to break up spells sat in front of the computer.

"We can have standing meetings, we can walk during the lunch break and we can look to reduce TV viewing in the evenings by seeking out less sedentary behaviours," Professor Biddle added.