'A growing recognition' for specialist care in dementia cases

There is a growing recognition in the UK of the specialist care required for people who suffer from dementia, it has been claimed.

Karen Morrison, head of service design for residential care services at Care UK, said there is also an increasing acknowledgement of the specific knowledge and skills required by staff to help look after patients in the best possible way.

The expert was speaking in response to Care UK's latest attempts to improve its dementia care, in which staff are taking on high impact training courses that see them experience what it is like to have the condition.

"We believe that the use of this experiential training is the best way to allow the staff to perceive the way care is delivered from a resident's point of view," Ms Morrison observed.

The technique involves an experienced trainer using specialist equipment - such as glasses to blur vision and headphones to deliver white noise - to ensure nothing seems to make sense for participants.