Govt sets focus on adult autism

The government is to look into the issue of adult autism through the implementation of a new strategy, a written answer from the House of Commons has shown.

Health Minister Paul Burstow said the publication Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives: Evaluating Progress sets out key outcomes and service ambitions to assist the adult autism strategy.

He explained that the document has been produced to help create a self-assessment template for localities to check their progress with regards the implementation of the goals set out in the initiative.

Mr Burstow said: "The document details a set of seven key outcomes and three service ambitions which provide a consistent and tangible way to assess progress in each area."

The move offers a reflection of the government's ambitions for local autonomy, with investment determined by local priorities agreed by communities via such strategies as the joint strategic needs assessment.

Mr Burstow recently explained that another area the government is hoping to improve is access to psychological therapies for children.