Golf set for Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics

The celebrated golfer Bobby Jones once said: “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.” 

The same could be said of many sports, but golf remains unique psychologically because it is untimed, self-paced and the golfer adopts the role of spectator as much as contestant during each round. 

The game’s psychological drama unfolds each week in tournaments around the world and reaches its pinnacle at the four majors. But for 108 years golf has not made the cut for the greatest show on earth.

In four years time, though, the world’s best golfers will not just be in search of the Claret Jug or the Green Jacket, but also a gold medal on the podium at 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro. 

The world’s best golfers can win prize money and handsome rewards. This financial security means that other gauges are required to measure the greatness of a golfer, such as the number of tournaments, especially major tournaments, won. 

Golf at the 2016 Olympics suggests that a new yardstick with which to measure one’s standing in golf, because the first gold medal in 112 years will hang round the neck of the golfer who deals best with the challenges it will bring. 

Prudent golfers will seek guidance from sport psychologists to manage the five-inch course between their ears long before they place the ball on the tee for the honour and glory of their nation.