Gender identification CPD event in London

Dr Bernadette Wren, a Chartered Psychologist, will lead a one-day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event titled Gender Identity Development: Integrating psychological, biological, developmental and social processes at the Tavistock Centre in London.

The event aims to provide an overview of the thinking and practice within with Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) about how best to understand and support children and young people with pressing gender identity issues, and their families.

GIDS offers support, therapy and treatment to children and young people who feel that their gender identification is not congruent with their biological sex.

Sessions will address a wide range of topical areas, reflecting psychological, biological, developmental and social frameworks for understanding gender dysphoria in the under-18s. There will also be presentations by service users and self-help organisations, in addition to small group discussions led by senior staff from the service.

Dr Wren, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Psychology at the trust said: “Many CAMHS clinicians feel deeply challenged, personally and professionally, by young people presenting with firmly-held gender dypshoria.

“This CPD day offers a chance to learn about the latest research and contemporary clinical practice in this area, to face our own discomfort in relating helpfully to these young people, and to consider what are the adequate health and educational responses to the growing visibility of trans identities in our social world.”