Finding Mr Right... and Professor Wrong

The views of a British psychologist on the sexes’ different approaches to choosing a life partner, quoted in the Daily Mail, have made their way around the world today (17 August).

Professor Alexander Gordon, “a chartered psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society”, has appeared on websites based in Belgium, Turkey, India, Indonesia and several other countries.

He was responding to the news that an (unidentified) survey has found that one in five men claim to have fallen in love at first sight and three-quarters say they had lost their hearts within five dates. By contrast, one woman in ten said they had experienced love at first sight and most had waited until at least the sixth date before deciding that this was “the real thing”.

“Women are better at reading social situations and are more likely to ask more questions of themselves after meeting someone, like is he going to make me feel secure and will be a good father to my children,” said Professor Gordon. “They are cannier than men at making a lifetime choice.”

We would like to thank Professor Gordon for helping the Mail and particularly for telling them that he is a Society member

The only problem is that there is no such person as Professor Alexander Gordon. The psychologist who spoke to the Mail was Professor Alexander Gardner.

At least Professor Gardner has received a little of the credit he deserves. He was interviewed on this afternoon’s BBC Five Live Drive programme under his own name this afternoon.