Female drinking and unemployment

A study investigating addiction to binge drinking and joblessness has revealed an association between women who imbibe heavily and unemployment. The study - which was completed by researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in the Swedish capital of Stockholm - will be published in this November's edition of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

Dr Mona Backhans - one of the scientists who analysed data on 13,031 Swedes in order to compile the reports - explained females who binge drink once a week or more are more closely associated with being out of work.

"Frequent binge drinking probably is a stronger marker for problem drinking for women, as it is less common and not normalised to the extent that it is for men," she explained.

Dr Backhans remarked that consuming more alcohol units than is healthy preceded unemployment for women, rather than it being preceded by joblessness, however she warned in difficult times, it is always wise to monitor how much individuals imbibe, regardless of their sex.]

Chartered Psychologist Kate Keenan comments:

"The occurrence of increased drinking and economic recession has been widely reported. This recent study from Sweden offers some interesting results relating to female binge drinking, which is usually under-reported in the literature. It indicates that the binge drinking identified in women in the study clearly preceded their unemployment, rather than occurring as a result.

"The study notes that this is an association, making no inference as to cause of this relationship. Further research is clearly warranted to investigate whether the reported binge drinking in women was in any way a trigger to their unemployment or an associated factor in the syndrome of being out of work."