Families helped on Northern Ireland TV

Two Chartered Psychologists are currently appearing in a parenting programme being broadcast on BBC1 Northern Ireland. Six episodes of Teen Trouble: Fix My Family are being broadcast on Mondays at 7.30 p.m. – the first was shown on 15 October – and they feature Dr Rachel Andrew and Dr Raman Kapur.

The series sees parents and teenagers confront their troubled relationships. During a week’s retreat to remote country near Newcastle, Co. Down, three families are put through their paces - psychologically, physically and emotionally.

Each family is forced to come together, sometimes using physical activities where they have to help each other. The families are pushed together, enabling them to talk to each other and communicate, in some cases for the first time in years. Each family gets to know each other again in a week of 'tough love'.

Dr Andrew says: "I really enjoyed the challenge of this series, working with three different sets of teenagers and their families. It is so rare in normal practice to be able to meet all family members and get them involved. 

“For me, the show offered an opportunity to show teenagers in a positive light, and also showed any difficulties very much within a family context. It was an intense week, but we saw amazing changes, which I know have been maintained six months on."

This is the third series that Dr Andrew has made with Tern Television, which has made Teen Trouble for BBC Northern Ireland.