Facebook friends are not real friends

Strong relationships could suffer as a consequence of too much social media activity, new research has suggested. Being presented today (April 10th) at the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society, the study tested the theory of 'media multiplexity', which relates to people using several different channels to communicate with each other.

The investigation was led by Dr Bernie Hogan of Oxford University and looked at more than 24,000 people in marital relationships using ten media channels.

Despite the media multiplexity theory indicating a link between media channel numbers, how often they are used and the strength of relationships, Dr Hogan and his fellow researchers discovered individuals using  more media reported no greater relationship satisfaction.

Indeed, it was shown that some of these people said they felt less satisfaction in such bonds.

Dr Hogan stated: "There may be a cut-off point after which the increasing complexity of maintaining so many separate communications threads starts to undermine relationship ties."