Extra funding for Educational Psychologists 'is welcome'

Extra funding for Educational Psychologists, as highlighted by a new government green paper on Special Education Needs, is welcome, it has been stated.

Chartered Psychologist Dr Jane Leadbetter, who is the Chair of the Division of Educational and Child Psychology and discussed the document on BBC Breakfast on Saturday (March 12th), said she supports the added investment.

The expert noted the money situation regarding the training of Educational Psychologists is "in serious jeopardy" at the moment.

She explained: "The level of funding and how it is allocated is an increasingly problematic area for local authorities and is set to worsen, due to public spending cuts."

The issue of the same organisation - the Local Authority - making the assessments and providing the investment is a problem that remains, Dr Leadbetter added.

Professor Peter Kinderman, Chair of the British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology, recently claimed everybody with mental health issues has the right to evidence-based psychological therapies.