An expert responds to Classroom Secrets

An educational psychologist has expressed reservations about the Classroom Secrets programme screened by BBC1 last night.

Kairen Cullen, a Chartered Psychologist, says: “Classroom Secrets offered an interesting snapshot of one classroom in one school for one relatively short period of time. But professionals who work in schools on a daily basis realise that changing the behaviour of children at schools is a complex business that happens gradually and only when many factors and influences are addressed.

“As an educational psychologist who works with many different children, teachers and parents in a wide variety of schools, I am concerned that the selective filming and commentary offered by this programme may has misled viewers into thinking that showing parents a secretly filmed view of their children is all that is needed to turn children with complex developmental and learning needs into engaged and successful pupils.”

Karien Cullen also expressed reservations about the ethics of broadcasting material about individual children, who may have to live with the effects of their television portrayal for years to come.

Classroom Secrets will be available to view on the BBC website for the next week.