Expert to discuss the importance of psychology

An expert discusses the importance of psychology in solving most of the world's problems at an upcoming lecture at the University of Strathclyde.

Professor Tommy Mackay - famed for helping to eradicate children's illiteracy in West Dunbartonshire - will be giving the free public talk on Tuesday May 3rd at 18:30 BST.

The lecture, in which Professor Mackay will draw on his extensive experience in social issues, forms part of the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference.

He will receive the Society's 2011 Annual Prize for Public Engagement at the event and said: "Ultimately I believe that psychology will prove to have more potential to improve the human condition than technology, economics or politics."

Drawing on his recent work with people of all ages with autistic spectrum disorders, Professor Mackay will also look at the contribution psychology can have in assisting the needs of the most vulnerable individuals in society.

In 2011, the Society is offering its members 40,000 pounds in public engagement grants.