Ex-footballer opens up about depression

A former footballer has talked publically about depression - which may encourage others to be more open about mental illness. The Independent reports that Leicester City winger Darren Eadie had a breakdown after a knee injury spelled the end of his time on the field.

His first reaction to the news was panic, because his and his family's life was dependent on his job as a Premier League footballer, for which he was on good money.

"Depression is a very lonely place, even with all the support around you. It's only in your head," Mr Eadie admitted, revealing he would drive aimlessly in his car for hours, only to lose control of his emotions, calling his wife from miles away saying he needed her to come get him.

The ex-footballer said there needs to be a place for sportspeople to go to for the early stages of depression and was surprised so many others like him have had similar experiences.

Dr Roger Kingerlee, a Chartered psychologist, said: "Eadie's commendable openness about his journey, too, lights the way for other men as they navigate life's inevitable difficulties," adding that his story illustrates just how his experiences can lead to depression.