EuroPsy: Guaranteeing psychology education and training standards across Europe

EFPA – the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations – has given the British Psychological Society the power to award the EuroPsy certificate to suitably qualified UK psychologists.

The European Certificate in Psychology (‘EuroPsy’) was launched early last year and shows that the holder has received a high standard of education and training in psychology. It is designed to supplement national standards rather than replace them.

In the long term the goal is to create a system where members of the public can find a psychologist, or check the qualifications of a particular psychologist, in any member of the European Union.

EuroPsy may in time also be used to help evaluate the equivalence of qualifications across national borders and thus facilitate the mobility of psychologists.

The BPS joins the 12 national associations that have been approved to grant EuroPsy and there are 10 more in the pipeline. The development of the certificate has been strongly influenced by the British model, including its emphasis on competencies as an integral part of supervised practice.

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EuroPsy represents a pan-European standard of psychology knowledge and skills, and is a useful indicator of the level and content of education and training achieved in another European state.

As such, it may aid mobility. However, national registration or licensing requirements take precedence and national competent authorities are not obliged to take EuroPsy into account when applying EU Directive 36/2005/EC.

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You might not know, but the European Diploma in Psychology is now known as ‘EuroPsy’ – the European Certificate in Psychology.

Eligibility for EuroPsy is based on Chartered status with the Society or registration as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health Professions Council (HPC). The routes to Chartered status are explained on the careers pages of the Society’s website - which can be found here:

It appears that you have established the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC), through your MA Hons degree. The GBC is the first stage of qualification as a Chartered Psychologist. You must now undertake postgraduate training accredited by the Society in order to qualify as a Chartered Psychologist and achieve eligibility for EuroPsy.

The usual route to Chartered status as a research psychologist requires a research doctorate in psychology (PhD or DPhil). Alternatively, if you are considering a career as a practitioner – perhaps as a counselling psychologist? – you will need to complete a professional doctorate in counselling psychology or the Society’s own Qualification in Counselling Psychology.

I hope this has helped to clarify next steps for you. If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact the Society’s Membership Team, at [email protected]

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Hello, I have been in Uk fro 6 years, at the beginning I asked the BPS to recognize as psychologist and on the 1st July 2009 the HPC, I got my EuroPsyc certificate and the BPS accepted just after gave up the regulation to theHPC and gave to me the Chartered Membership and I am in the Clinical psychology dividsion, but the HPC ignores the certificate. Why we spend money and time, I made and official complain to the European Commission because there is a not well application of the directive 36/2005 on mobility, asking for compensatory measures when there is an equivalence of training certified by EuroPSY.

I am writing in connection with the Euro Psych project. I am from Poland, however, I have been studying Psychology in Scotland, UK. I have finished the 4 year undergraduate studies (MA Psychology) at Aberdeen University last summer, and I am now doing Master of Research in Psychology (1year). During my 3rd and 4th year of MA I also completed a part time counselling course, level 1-4. Since I have started the counselling course level 3 I have been working as a volunteer in Polish Association Aberdeen as an assistant counsellor (October 2010-now: 140hrs). In June-September 2011 I wolunteered in Polish Nationwide Emergency Service for Victims Of Domestic Violence "Blue Line", providing support to victims of domestic violence through the Blue Line phone; Providing basic legal advices, emotional and psychological support.

I would be grateful if you could tell me whether I am a suitable candidate to apply for The European Diploma in Psychology. If I am not, what do I have to do to be one.

I would be very gratefull for any information.

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Thank you for your post. I have forwarded your query to our Membership Team as they will be able to help. They will email further details to you shortly.

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hi! my name is Lena Gkaro, i have finished my stydies in psychology, gaining a bachelor and now i started my master in special education needs. i am sending you from greece and i would like to know more about europsy and how i can be a member of it. thank you. Lena

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Hi :) My name is Susana Torres Pereira, i'm portuguese, and i'm finished my studies in Clinical Psychology. Now i'm looking for a professional internship and i would like to know more information about europsy and know how i can participate.Thank you all!Sincerely, Susana

Looking forward to BPS members particularly psychotherapy specialists being able to join this and contribute to European developments.