EuroPsy: Guaranteeing psychology education and training standards across Europe

EFPA – the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations – has given the British Psychological Society the power to award the EuroPsy certificate to suitably qualified UK psychologists.

The European Certificate in Psychology (‘EuroPsy’) was launched early last year and shows that the holder has received a high standard of education and training in psychology. It is designed to supplement national standards rather than replace them.

In the long term the goal is to create a system where members of the public can find a psychologist, or check the qualifications of a particular psychologist, in any member of the European Union.

EuroPsy may in time also be used to help evaluate the equivalence of qualifications across national borders and thus facilitate the mobility of psychologists.

The BPS joins the 12 national associations that have been approved to grant EuroPsy and there are 10 more in the pipeline. The development of the certificate has been strongly influenced by the British model, including its emphasis on competencies as an integral part of supervised practice.