England cricket team's understanding of depression 'to be applauded'

The understanding of the England cricket team, management and medical staff in relation to Michael Yardy's battle with depression is to be applauded, it has been claimed.

Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Sport and Exercise Psychologist Carole Seheult heralded the way in which those on tour with the player were able to recognise his new priorities.

The cricketer returned home from the World Cup after admitting he has been suffering from depression and Ms Seheult observed that the decision was greeted with sympathy and understanding.

She explained long periods away from home, friends and family - coupled with the pressures of international sport - can be highly stressful.

"Let's hope the dinosaurian approach reported as being taken by Geoffrey Boycott, condemning the player for what he sees as him being a 'liability', is something of the past," Ms Seheult added.

Yardy, 30, explained that heading home early was the only sensible option for him to take, but stressed that the decision had been a particularly tough one.