Employer support important for workers

A worker's self belief can be adversely affected if his or her employer is not providing them with the support they need, it has been claimed. Kevin Friery, Clinical Director at Right Corecare, said that people can lose confidence when their belief in their own abilities begins to wane.

The expert was speaking after a survey by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) revealed a lack of competence among bosses is resulting in workforces that are unfulfilled and stressed.

He noted some employees "develop a belief that if they face pressure they will become depressed, become anxious, become incapacitated and are therefore [a] person who can't cope with pressure and must find some soft options".

Individuals who are given adequate help often find there are resources they can use to enable them to make better choices and move forward, Mr Friery added.

The CMI findings also found that 74 per cent of workers in the UK often take decisions in their job that they believe they are not fully qualified to make.

Ben Williams, Chartered Psychologist, commented: "It has always amazed me how many people appreciate being supported and praised at work, and yet these very same people, when managing others, do so little in this regard. Sharing information, supporting, coaching and praising people are key areas of leadership.

"Industry and commerce must run at a profit - this means that those of the accounting and other data-rational professions, like production, engineering and science, focus on the balance sheet, production and sales targets, often overlooking and even discounting the human performance elements of their workplace.

"It is so easy to learn how to praise and support people, it costs nothing and the results are directly reflected in the 'bottom line' in terms of lower sickness and absenteeism, higher quality and output resulting directly from higher morale and self-confidence.

"The frustrating thing is most people know this, it is common sense, but few managers seem to do it and do it well."