Educational psychology event held in Stratford

The Society's Division of Educational and Child Psychology is holding its annual professional development event at the Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon, this week. Over 100 educational psychologists  are taking part.

The keynote speakers include:

  • Professor Maggie Snowling, University of York: ‘What places a child at risk of dyslexia? Evidence from family risk studies’
  • Professor Annett Karmiloff-Smith, University of London, Birkbeck Centre for Brain & Cognitive Development: ‘Why adult neuropsychological models don’t work for neurodevelopmental disorders’
  • Professor Neil Humphrey, University of Manchester, School of Education: ‘Social and emotional learning: a critical appraisal’
  • Dr Sonia Sharp, Executive Director of Children and Young People’s Services in Sheffield: ‘Reinventing Educational Psychology’

And the invited speaker is:

  • André Imich, Special Educational Needs and Disability Professional Adviser, Department for Education: ‘The Future Direction of Special Educational Needs Policy – An Update’

You can follow this event on Twitter through the hashtag #DECPconf.