Download free report on bipolar disorder

Understanding Bipolar, a report produced by the Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology, can be downloaded for free throughout the month of July. The Division is making the report available in this way to increase public knowledge of the latest advances in the psychological understanding of this condition.

The report was edited by Professor Steven Jones, Dr Fiona Lobban and Anne Cooke.

Anne Cooke says: “Much has been written about the biological aspects of bipolar disorders: this report aims to redress the balance by concentrating on the psychological aspects, both in terms of how we understand the problems and also approaches to help and treatment. We hope this report will influence the way in which services are delivered, so that more people have access to psychological treatments and that services will no longer insist that users accept one particular view of their problem.”

Understanding Bipolar Disorder can be downloaded from the BPS Shop. You will have to register with the site, but the download is free once you have done so.